HOME MADE DIPS-served with bread

Tarama fish roe/caviar dip 8
Tsatziki yoghurt, garlic, cucumber, dill 8
Melizanosalata eggplant dip 8
Htipiti capsicum, feta and chilli dip 9
Mixed Dips selection of dips for two 16
Pita Bread grilled pita bread (1 per serve) 2


Horiatiki tomato, cucumber, peppers, feta, olives, extra virgin olive oil balsamic 15
Marouli cos lettuce, dill, spring onions vinaigrette 11
Pantzari beetroot with garlic yoghurt roasted walnuts 12
Horta steamed seasonal greens with lemon juice extra virgin olive oil 12
Patates Tiganites hand cut potato chips cooked in olive oil 9
Patates Lemonates roasted lemon oregano potatoes 9

THALASSINA – seafood

George’s Tigani prawns, scallops, mussels, calamari, tomato feta 35
Garides Saganaki prawns cooked in tomato, white wine & feta 32
Garides charcoal grilled prawns 30
Htenia panfried scallops 32
Ouzo Saganaki fresh Tasmanian scallops & prawns w/ fresh tomatoes, peppers & a dash of ouzzo topped w/ feta cheese 34
Fish of the day grilled fillet or whole fish – please ask your waiter market price


Baklava filo pastry layered with nuts syrup 8
Galaktobouriko custard in filo pastry 8
Loukoumades Greek donuts with honey, crushed walnuts cinnamon 12
Fruit Plate for Two seasonal fruit 15
Baklava Ice Cream drizzled with honey & nuts (Created here at Mesa) 14


Zucchini Chips pan fried zucchini with yoghurt aioli 9
Feta Pasteli sesame coated Dodoni feta, pan fried and drizzled with honey 15
Gigandes lima beans baked with tomatoes, onion herbs 9
Dolmadakia stuffed vine leaves with rice, herbs avgolemono 10
Manitaria Gemista mushrooms stuffed with ricotta feta 13
Manitaria Agria sauteed wild mushrooms w/ garlic. srping onion & a touch of chilli. 15
Saganaki grilled Dodoni kefalograviera cheese 14
Piperies chargrilled peppers topped with feta 15
Kolokithokeftedes zucchini, feta herb fritters 14
Marida whitebait 13
Sikotakia chicken livers pan fried with onion oregano 13
Biftekia chargrilled beef rissoles 16
Htapodi sti skara chargrilled octopus 20
Calamari lightly fried 19
Calamari charcoal grilled 21
Melitzanobourekia oven baked beef rissoles wrapped in grilled eggplant 16
Smyrneika Soutzoukakia baked beef rissoles ina fresh tomato saltsa 15


Gyros lamb off the spit 28
Lamb skewers of marinated lamb 29
Chicken skewers of chicken fillet 25
Paidakia chargrilled lamb cutlets 32


A selection of mixed dips
Saganaki Cheese
Horiatiki Salad
Chef’s choice of three different ‘mezedes’
Seafood – calamari, chargrilled prawns & fish of the day
Meats – lamb cutlets, gyros, chicken skewers
Dessert – a selection of sweets
Tea or Coffee